Tired of trying – I just had to let go!

Life o life!!! Why is life so stressful and tiring?

In Surrender

Have you noticed that it’s so hard to let go of what we have held on to for so long? It’s probably the hardest thing I have had to do in my life – but it’s rewarding! It gives you so much joy, peace, and happiness; because when we let go, we let God! But have you also noticed how frustrating life is when we keep holding on to the wrong things/dreams – we just keep trying and trying and trying but we see that we are taking one step forward and possibly two back. I held on to my dream course for almost 10 years or even more, and I tried over and over with no success to achieve it. It seemed to just keep evading me – it appeared, the harder I tried, the harder it was to achieve it because God kept protecting me for His bigger purpose for me. When I got tired of trying then I went to ask God what really He wanted for me – then He said I had to let go of that and follow a different path – that was hard!!! However, I did not struggle with Him for much longer. Once I agreed to His plans, things started falling in place – I got on the right course in no time, and also got my tuition slashed by over 90%.
Have you been trying this thing over and over and just keep failing? Does it appear like the harder you try to achieve this dream, the further away you get? Does it appear like you are just sweating and sweating but nothing seems to work? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and check – is that God’s desire for you? Is that where He wants you to be? Is that what He wants you to be doing? What was His last instruction to you? If you can’t remember it, thats absolutely fine – just ask Him again. He is a gracious daddy remember? He wants to do you good! God doesn’t withold good from us, He wants to do you good just as a natural daddy wants to do their kids good – He is even more gracious than that!!! All good and perfect gift comes from God, so believe me all the things in your life that seem good so far have come from God and He wants to give you even more. He wants to give you sucess without stress – thats what God wants to give you but He wants you to take responsibility and put Him in perspective – change your focus, realise that it’s not the might of your hand that has achieved or will achieve anything for you – it is all from God and it’s because He is good! You can’t do or achieve anything in your own wisdom or strength except the Lord empowers you, so you need to let go and stop tryign to figure it out by yourself. Time to raise your hands as a sign of surrender and say Lord I let go and I let you take over every detail of my life, every detail of this dream – Lord what do you want me to do? Where do you want me to go from here? If you let go, and let God by asking for God’s direction, you will find life less frustrating.

God bless you x

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