Worshipping our maker in secret

We have to worship our king in that secret place, spend some intimate, one-on-one time with the lover of our soul. The one who has kept us and brought us so far! The one who loved us before we even knew what love was or what love was all about. He didn’t care that we might even reject him but He loved us anyway. He knew we would fail, fall and miss the mark again and again but He chose to pour His unending and unconditional love on us anyway. When we want to spend an intimate time with someone we love, for example, we won’t go out on the street and shout out – “oh baby! I love you” but to make the moment really intimate and meaningful we would get into a private place and focus on the object of our affection – the one we want to show our love to and even look them in the eyes and then whisper – baby I love you! So also when we want to show our love and gratitude to the lover of our soul, it is important to spend some quiet time in private with Him and say over and over ‘I love you because you first loved me’. Let’s make up our minds to spend some quality heartfelt time of worship with the father; the one that only you and the Lord will know about. Even if you are part of a worship team, your most glorious moments of worship should be off the platform when you are alone with God. Heartfelt intimacy is private, and these moments alone with God should be revered! Your most precious time with your best friend is not the public moments!

I suggest to take time out of our very busy lives and focus on the lover of our souls again, even if it’ll just be 5 minutes, please make it intimate, make it meaningful, and make it count. Focus on God! Look steadily at the one who has chosen to love you, and keep that gaze steady throughout that 5 minutes of worship. There are so many distracting things that the enemy has put out there in this day and age that keeps stealing our time, strength, and our focus but we have to fight for this precious time and quiet moment where it’s us alone in the presence of our king. Let’s create an atmosphere where we can worship our creator in secret! Show off time is over! God is looking for those who will worship Him in Spirit and in sincerity.I pray God helps us so that our worship of Him is real, intimate, and sincere! x

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2 Responses to Worshipping our maker in secret

  1. Kurt says:

    You mean like in Matthew 6?

    • bolaoyinloye says:

      Hi Kurt, yes indeed. When we humble ourselves and worship our King in that secret place, and pour out our love un-reservedly on Him, He sure brings us out and elevates us in the open! Thanks for your like and comment. Stay blessed

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