God Loves Us Just As much As He Loved Jesus – can one say this is true? Pt 2

Following on from part 1 – I notice that the world is full of people who are looking for someone to love them. I have also heard and come across many Christians who go from church to church, wanting to be loved – (so by way of digression, be nice to people you meet in church because you never know who is hungry for your love). Some people also look for love in friendships or in marriages but all these searches could even end in disappointments – as I have seen and heard in people. I have learnt that just like orphans, the children of Adam (that is what we are before we became children of God) are insecure and as a result are again and again overcome by bouts of self-pity. The sad thing I’ve found however, is that some people even after they have invited God to be their father still remain insecure but there is no need for this! The best way to be secure is to be secure in God’s love. To keep this truth – GOD LOVES ME AS MUCH AS HE LOVES JESUS – at the fore front of our minds. Jesus told His disciples time and time again that the hairs on their heads were all numbered and that a God who fed the millions of birds and clothed the millions of flowers would certainly take care of them. Another great perspective is: “He who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up freely for us, how shall He not with Him also freely give us ALL THINGS ” (Rom. 8:32). As God cared for Jesus, He will most certainly care for you too!

I think one possible reason why God allows us at times to be disappointed with our fellow human beings is that we might learn to stop leaning on man. He desires for us to be free from such idolatry (anything that takes the place of God in your life is an idol), so that we might learn to lean completely on Him and Him alone. When God orders your circumstances in such a way that you are disappointed on every side, maybe you should not be discouraged. Probably God is trying to reach you, teach you something, and wean you away from relying on the arm of flesh but instead that you might come to learn how to depend on Him and live your life by faith in Him and Him alone – He is the only reliable friend and daddy daddy! Learn to find your security in the fact that God loves you as much as He loves Jesus. I believe that most if not all competitions and jealousy among Christians arises out of this same insecurity! A man who is secure in the love of God and who believes that God made no mistake in making him the way He made him, and in giving him the gifts and talents He gave him, should not possibly feel jealous of another or compete with them – or what do you think? All problems of relationships among believers, I believe, also stem from this same insecurity issues.

Just think with me for a moment, how many of your problems could be solved if your eyes are opened to this one truth? – that God loves you as much as He loves Jesus – not more, and not less! And He will therefore not withhold any Good at all from you!! Just imagine!

I hope you think on this truth and begin to live a worry-free live and a life that is secure in God’s Love.

Keep enjoying His love x

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