A note I found – I wrote this in 2005…

It’s lonely at the top, but it’s an interesting place to be! From the top you get to see clearer views of things and you also stand out!!

Vision separates you from everybody else!! It sometimes make you act strange, and even to some you become unrealistic and unreasonable. However, don’t stop dreaming dreams, and don’t stop looking at those visions because when one of all your so called dreams come to pass, these same people who have said you have gone mad and become unrealistic will come and ask you – how did you do that?

It’s your choice…choose whether you want to be on the ground level with everyone else (note: it’s too crowded on the ground level) or you’d prefer to strive for higher heights and stand out?

Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are few – wake up so you can see clearly.

You have been destined by God for the top and that’s where you belong!

Keep shinning x

If you have lost the will to dream, I pray God will restore that to you in Jesus name. I pray your sight will be restored and you will dream dreams and see visions again in Jesus name. I pray God will grant you the grace, strength and will to follow your passion and see your dreams come true in Jesus name. You are precious to God!!!

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2 Responses to A note I found – I wrote this in 2005…

  1. Susan says:

    Great word Bola! Let’s aspire to the higher heights and see more clearly as we dream with Him.

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