Distortions in biblical Faith!

When we walk by faith it doesn’t mean we become stupid and stop thinking!

To trust in God does not mean that we become lazy, disorganised, stupid, irrational, unreasonable or apathetic but instead trusting in God implies that we put him first in all we do, in all our planning, in all our thinking, and in all our affairs He is first!! – That’s what trusting in God means!! After all in Isaiah 1:18 God himself said come let us reason together(let us consider your options, let us discuss this)- so God has permitted us to reason (think logically, think rationally, think straight) with Him!

We need to trust God for EVERYTHING! We trust him for our finances, but that is no license to spend foolishly and keep borrowing when we trust Him to come out of debt. We trust Him for safety in the car, but we’re not wise to run the traffic lights. We trust Him for a good relationship but we’re not wise to not consider carefully before we say ‘Yes’. We ought to trust God for our health, but that doesn’t mean we can continue eating unhealthy without consequences. …Faith and careful planning go hand-in-hand. It has always been like this, even, from the beginning!!

Many of us often wonder why what we’re believing and trusting God for does not happen, especially when it’s God who has given us this vision, dreams and desires? Maybe it’s time we need to add some careful planning, hard work and thorough consideration into our trusting!!!

Ask God for what he wants you to do, trust Him that what He has just said will happen, then begin planning towards how it will happen, seek counsel and you won’t possibly go wrong!x

Food for thought : Why are those without God seemingly leading the world???

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