Get up and Get out!

The violent takes it by force. You can’t afford to be sluggish or weak in your faith or in your confessions. You’ve got to be solid sure and keep standing on that promise that God has given you because you know what the devil is not sluggish in coming to snatch that promise, dream, vision, family member, friend, passion etc. He’s working 24/7 to steal, kill and destroy everything and every person in the whole world these days. He’s working overtime because he knows he doesn’t have that long any more. So you can’t afford to be a weak, lukewarm, one leg in and one leg out christian, if not the devil will keep riding you and you won’t see those promises, dreams, desires, visions, passions come to pass. Stop making excuses and stop waiting on someone, something, or perfect circumstance to do those things you need to do. The devil is working overtime to kill and destroy everything and everyone!

So dear friends, it’s time to get back up and do what you need to do! Plus do it quick!!!

Be blessed x

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2 Responses to Get up and Get out!

  1. Lucy Adeola says:

    Thanks. it’s right and l supported you challenge and encouragement. I have done exactly what you inspired us do with result today. l went a fishing for human souls. There is joy in heaven over a saved soul…
    and there is coin in the mouth of every fish caught. Doing exactly the work of my Father who sent me for the night cometh when no man could work again. .. I am ready Lord…Those who gave their life for Christ JESUS today l decree that they are redeemed permanently in Jesus Name.amen

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