It’s all in the mind!

The way we perceive things in our minds will determine how we see things,and eventually how we react to these things!

So I’d been feeling some resentment towards somebody and everything this person did was always just wrong to me or I just viewed it in a negative light. Then one day, it occurred to me that wasn’t a good attitude, neither was it godly, so I decided to change my views about this person and everything the person did from then on. It wasn’t of course the easiest thing to do but I asked the Holy Spirit who is always ready to help me get it and live right to help me (He probably brought it to my mind in the first place – He never lets me go with all these bad attitudes). He sure did help me because I asked for His help plus yielded to him walking me through this time. And little by little things started changing between me and this person:-)

When people hurt us or do things that put us off, its hard not to get offended or feel some resentment towards them but you know what I have learnt, we can choose to either feel the resentment or shake it off and let it go. Also resentment steals our own joy and peace and not that of the other person we are feeling resentment towards. So you might stay up all night feeling so mad at someone and being so upset only to find the person has slept so soundly not even thinking about you or what they did to you at all. Besides, feelings are so unpredictable that we can’t afford to live our lives by them. Another thing I learnt recently is that love is actually shown in how we behave towards people – selah (pause and calmly think about this).

So remember when next someone does something that puts you off and you have the temptation to be mad, feel hurt or feel resentment towards them, you can either choose not to be mad and snap out of it or you can stay angry and be bound by that feeling of bitterness/heaviness.

It’s all in the mind and we don’t have to be ruled by these negative feelings!!! xx

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