2014, your year of Restoration!!!

I know 2014 is nearly coming to an end but I believe this reminder will still be useful.

Toward the end of 2013, God started speaking to me about what 2014 holds. He was making me see that it’s a year of getting back, revival, rebuilding and restoration! A year where we will regain all that was lost in previous years and all we’ve ever lost in our lives. So I kept thinking about all of these and how this practically applies to me and my life and as the months have rolled by I can certainly see how things are been re-built, re-shaped and restored in my life. I’m getting back those passions, relationships, dreams and visions that I seem to have lost several years back. Had it not been for God on my side, where would I be today! He indeed is doing and completing a work of restoration in all areas of my life and for all those who will believe He will do the same in your life, business, career, family and relationships.

Lets be deliberate in our expectation of restoration this year, I am so sure it will surely happen for all who believe!!! I believe, do you? x

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