Choosing to speak or be quiet?

When you’re going through a difficult or seemingly rocky and impossible season in your life…when the mountains seem so insurmountable and it just looks like it’s never going to go away…when it seem like life is just so bad and will never get better…when it looks like you are just at a standstill and have been in that valley of dryness or dry bones for a long time…when it just appears like you can’t see a way out anymore and you’ve lost hope…remember this my friend…There is ALWAYS a way out! We might not see it, we might not know how, we might not even know what next step to take to actually change our current position/situation/circumstance but one sure thing to do during these times is to find the right word from the bible that addresses our situation and begin to speak it over and over but that’s it, don’t say anything else! No matter how many times people ask you about that situation, just keep quiet except you can speak those same words to them. This is not always easy, and I know it, but if we want anything to change, this is what we’ve got to do!

Our life is a sum total of our words (confessions)!

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