Why I live a worry-free life…

I was just thinking today about how I don’t worry about things anymore. I wonder why. So, something happens or things don’t go as expected and naturally one should worry or stress about it but my first response is to stay calm and my peace is usually not tampered with. How have I come to this level where my peace is not touched when things go wrong or when they don’t go as they should?

I believe this stems from a few things. Firstly because I have meditated so much on the truth that I KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that my God will sort out everything that comes my way!!! He’s got it all covered!!! He wouldn’t allow much more than I can bear and whatever He does allow, there is a way of escape. I have also over the years meditated on Jer 29:11 (which is actually one of my favorite scriptures) that I know the plans God has for me are good and not evil and they are to bring me to the future that He has planned for me. So no matter what may happen today, it’s taking me towards the future God has planned for me. That’s so exciting!!!
Another truth I believe I have got into my system over time is the truth that ALL things work together for my good because I love God and I am called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28). One other powerful truth that I believe has helped me over time is found in Phil 4:6 (NLT) that says “don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything”. Finally, Matt 6:25-34 (I still need to spend more time on this one) is another scripture that I have thought on from time to time over the years and the way I have interpreted it is that I don’t need to worry about anything and it really doesn’t make sense if I worry about things I can’t do anything about. Worry will not change anything so let me do something about things that I can and leave the rest I can’t to God who is able to change all things and make all things happen as they should.

I will write about the negative effects of worrying in my next post.

I hope this helps and encourages you?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Please let me know your thoughts.

Love and blessings

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