Courage! Courage!! Courage!!!

One of the most unpleasant of human emotions is fear, that feeling of terror or panic that tends to cripple us and make us unproductive plus even cry at times. We experience it when we feel uncertain about something or when we experience loneliness and loss or when we confront disease and death. Its’ especially evident in our feelings about the future – whether it be the uncertainties of a new day, new week, new season or new year. It’s a very annoying feeling but we tend to all experience it at one time or the other in our lives. So what do we do when these feelings come?

Time and time again the Bible encourages God’s people not to be afraid! I’ve heard that “Fear not or a variation of “don’t be afraid” is in the bible 366 times i.e. one for each day and an extra one for a leap year – Fear Not! Even though we know this, we still experience the feeling of fear and uncertainties but guess what we need Courage to keep going, no matter where we are, what season we’re in or whatever we might face or anticipate facing – just keep going!!! Trust and believe in God; keep doing what you know He’s told you to do. Keep it simple; one step at a time with God is the way I’ve found to combating this feeling of fear and uncertainty!

As an antidote to fear, we are urged to be strong and courageous as we face problems and difficulties, and we are to move out into the future with full confidence. And such courage is possible because our faithful God is on our side, because Christ, the resurrected Lord, gives us strength, and because the comforting Holy Spirit lives within us. The bottom line is this: God is in control of our days – this day, and all of our tomorrows. He holds it all together and He has beautiful plans for our lives, so my suggestion is when that feeling of fear and uncertainty comes next time, remember God is with you and He’s the one taking you on this journey of life!!! He will NEVER EVER leave you to be by yourself and He will NEVER forsake you to face the struggle alone!!! He is there right in the midst of the storm, the confusing times and the uproars!!!

Be strong and courageous is repeated 3 times between vs 6-9 of Joshua 1. Firstly, it’s mentioned as a vital necessity to do what Joshua was assigned to do. Secondly, it was mentioned as a necessity for being who he was meant to be i.e. successful and prosperous and thirdly, it was mentioned as a vital necessity to fight the emotions that’ll stop Him from doing what he was supposed to do and being who he was supposed to be e.g. the emotions of feeling afraid, lonely, low self esteem etc…Be strong and Courageous, keep going and always set the Lord before you!!! Don’t give up and don’t stop!!! Faithful is He who promised!!!

It is well! I pray you have the courage to step out and do all those things God has placed in your heart to do and courage to keep doing those things you’re already doing at His command even though there doesn’t appear to be much result yet – keep at it because He’ll surely in good time bring you a harvest that even you will not have room to contain it!!! I am encouraged and I trust you are too.

Have a good weekend!

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