My Incredible!

I’m always humbled at the same time amazed by all you have done and you keep doing for me and for so many that I know. You make me feel so special and you are always there for me. You hold my hands when I can’t see my way and you show me the way and in fact you come along and walk with me on the way! You carry me when I feel too tried to walk! You keep reminding me everyday that you’ve got my back! People see me and say very nice things which overwhelms my heart and humbles me but truly I couldn’t do anything and I am nothing without “My Incredible”. So if you see me happy, laughing, carefree and shining, it’s because…

For my weaknesses, he has given me strength!
For my poverty, he has given me riches!
For my fears, he has given me so much courage!
For my insecurities, he has given much more confidence than I could imagine!
For my hurts and pains, he has given me healing and stamina!

When I trip, you steady me!
When I am broken, you mend me!
When I am hungry, you feed me!
When I miss the way, you get me back on track!
When I go through testing times, you are with me!

When I face situations too big for me to handle, I know I will come out strong, because you are always there to comfort me and lead me along your planned route of escape!

When I lose strength and feel like giving up, you support me so strongly and help me through!

You are everything to me, my very present help in time of need. My constant strength and shield. My Incredible!!!
You are God, you are faithful. I am yours, and you are mine! A relationship so wonderful and so dynamic. A love so strong!!! An intimacy so divine. Words can’t fully describe how much I value your love and unending grace and faithfulness. That is why this day and always I call you MY Incredible!!! You mean the whole world to me.

I feel so secure and confident in this DIVINE love and connection!

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