Enjoy being the best you!

The world is constantly bombarding us with so many messages and so much in the media that continuously makes us feel inadequate; as though we’re not doing well enough or as though we’re not adequately qualified for whatever we’re into – e.g. being a mum, being a wife, being a pastor, being a musician, being a dad, being a husband….whatever you’re being…! I’m currently a wife and mum and boy! there’s so much expectations placed on mums these days that could make us feel as though we need to compare ourselves to the Jones’ or measure up to some peoples’ standard (who sets the standards anyway?) Who says  mums must be at home? Or who says they must go to work? Who says they must be at the same salary bracket as men or who says they can’t? Isn’t it just about doing what’s best for your family and what you feel comfortable with in your conscience?

Looking deeply into the word of God though, you’d find that there’s less pressure to try and impress! You’re just encouraged to be you and just focus on being the best you and enjoying your life with what God’s given you – be it your family, or your gifts, your talents, whatever makes you unique and whatever you feel you’re good at doing. There’s definitely something that only you can do so well on this planet, that no one else can do. So it’s important to discover this – how you ask? Just try your hands on the things you enjoy doing and eventually you’d find it. Except you step out though and try it, you might not discover who you really are and what you’re best at. Let’s rise up to the plate and enjoy who we are and do whatever we’re designed to do to the best level that you’re able to do it without letting anyone judge, criticize, condemn or make you feel less than the best!!! Let’s go for it! Get better at being yourself and enjoying your life – that’s how we’re designed to be – enjoy life, love, be loved and be happy!

Never think that you have to be like someone else or that someone is better than you because they look happy – you never really know what people are going through because we’ve all perfected the act of just looking good on the outside (and social media even makes it worse – I will not go there)! Anyway back to the point, you are completely different to everyone else and unless you allow the best version of you to come out and just freely express who you are, you might never be really happy.

Also, you might know this – if you try to be someone else, you end up being a lousy version of that person anyway, you’re not happy, and you just end up in jealousy and strife. I also heard that actually science has proven that this – “The more you desire to be like someone else – who in your mind is probably the ideal person, the more you’re working against the natural design of your brain and the more neuro-degeneration you’re creating for yourself” Now we wonder why there’s been an increased level of mental health in our time seeing that there’s a lot more understanding of these mental conditions – possibly we’ve stopped enjoying being who we are or we’ve even forgotten and lost in most cases who we are? Possibly we’ve let the media define who we are and we’re now chasing ‘a type’ that’s not real and that we really aren’t design to be? May be it’s time to spend some time alone with yourself again and re-discover who you are, enjoy who you are and just live your life. Stop comparing yourself to others and stop wishing you were like them or you had what they have – just live your own life, be content with what you have and thank God in and for everything, you will be much happier living life this way!

I celebrate you!

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One Response to Enjoy being the best you!

  1. Ayo says:

    Thank you for this article Bola.
    We live in times where the impact of social media pressure, peer pressure, career pressure and even “church pressure” cannot be down played.
    The challenge for us is to draw the lines between who we are and what every other person wants us to be. Having drawn the lines, we should make conscious efforts to stick to who we are drawing our definition from the word of God which would bear witness with our innermost self/ essence.
    Like Aristotle said ” Man know thy self”.

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