God chose you, yes you!!

I know there are times we probably doubt our calling; we start asking ourselves if we are really called as we feel incapable to do what it appears we have been called to do but today I am reminded that “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you may go and bear fruit  – fruit that will last…John 15:16”. Jesus is saying to you today that you don’t need to doubt or worry about if you have been called or if you will be able to do what He’s called you to do because He is the one that has chosen you and you did not choose Him. He’s called you for such a time as this and He has definitely called you for a purpose and He will fulfill that purpose in your life no matter how hard the devil tries to stop you. When God calls, He does not change His mind!! You might not know or see the full picture just yet but keep walking with Him, keep seeking His face and keep surrendering your life to Him daily, and before you know it the pieces will come together to form the big picture and you will find yourself bearing fruit that lasts:-) It’s time to rise and take your place in the call He placed on your life!!! Remember He chose you, you did not choose Him and He will perfect that call on your life!

Keep winning x

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